Sell Online with Ease

Product Management

Add products you sell, categorize them, manage content, prices & images

Shopping Cart

Sell on your stall account with our buit-in shopping cart.

Paypal & Credit Card Payments

Link your account to accept Paypal payments.

Manage How You Get Paid

Configure your Stall on how it accepts payment. Cash, paypal, credit card, bank deposits, remittances etc.

Manage Your Orders

Orders are categorized by status and is easily searchable using filters. Never miss an order.


Manage your stocks so you know what, where and how many you have in stock.

Sales, Payments & Shipments

Sales, payments and shipments are easily searchable and viewable. Sell more by knowing your stall's performance.

Market Places

Lazada Philippines is integrated. If you sell at Lazada, your sales there are synced into your Stall account.

Manage Your Content

Layout Picker

Easy to use site editor. Pick from our numerous layouts, change images & texts, then publish. No HTML or tech knowhow needed.

Image cropper

Upload your own images, rotate and crop on site.

Add Pages

Add any number of pages you need to inform your customers better.

Blogs / Articles

Create artciles/blogs to reach out better to your customers.

Social Media, Analytics & Communication

Share on Facebook

Products and product images are easily shared on Facebook

Google Analytics

Link your Google Analytics account so you can review your site traffic.


Integrate your company email to inform your customers on orders and order updates.


Integrate your company mobile phone to communicate, update and inform your customers via SMS. Chat via SMS online anywhere in the world.